"Ottie - Awesome fit - like it a lot. Thank you"    - Patient

Letters from Patients & Testimonials

"I have been a patient of Ottie's for 20+ years. I have always been very pleased with her work. She is a true artist. Ottie has made me several acrylic eyes and, most recently, silicone eyes. She has always spent as much time as necessary with me to make sure that we are both happy with the end result. She is truly a caring and compassionate professional who is an expert in her field." - Patient
"The amazing transformation I have experienced since receiving my ocular prosthetic has given me more confidence, assurance and acceptance in my social settings. As I was unaware of the impact the prosthetic would have on me and my personal relationships, I found acceptance from both family and friends to be very positive and enlightening. The transformation I have experienced has changed how I've been accepted by others, although, it may be more my own self confidence has improved from having the prosthetic.  Your professional and warm approach is appreciated...At times I forget I have it. That is a statement to your remarkable talents, skill and creation." - Robert
"My name is John Smith. My blindness was caused by a form of cancer called bilateral retinal blastoma; diagnosed when I was 14 months old. After many treatment protocols, (including radiation), both eyes were removed in order to save my life.
I was fitted with prosthetic eyes. However, one of the eye sockets had suffered so much radiation damage that the prosthetic eye could not remain in place. Therefore an eye patch was used to cover the socket. 
Thus, for many years, I wore a patch over one eye socket, and a prosthetic eye in the other. When I felt it was professionally inadvisable to have a patch I used glasses to 'hide' my eyes.
Recently, a change in the geometry of the eye socket that held the prosthetic eye, made use of a prosthetic eye no longer an option. 
Faced with a future, in which I would need to wear two patches, I sought the advice of my doctor, and she advised me to consult with Boston Ocular Prosthetics, Inc., (BOP)
Ottie and Kaylee of BOP told me about an option of making an ocular prosthetic device that would make my eyes appear more uniform and realistic. In my case, this device gives me the look of someone who has two eyes.
Their understanding of my desires and concerns, along with their humor and expertise made the the process well worth it. I am very pleased with the acceptance of my new and improved look by all of my friends.
I would encourage any of you who may need prosthetic devices to consult with this group." - John Smith